Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 6, part 2

Course 8 follows the coast line very closely. Any more and we'd have to swim. Actually that would be difficult with all the jagged rocks. Too soon, it curves inland to avoid a section that is closed permanently due to danger of death from above via falling rocks. We walked through 4 years ago, spectacular
cliffs and unimaginable rock formations, before it was deemed unsafe.
Too bad. Now it makes a not-so-interesting and 4 km longer detour to JungMun Beach. Then we walked 2 km more to our guesthouse.
This place has the best vibe yet. Maybe too much vibe but after the dullness of the last few it's fun. 12 guests participated in the BBQ party. It was nice socializing.
It's a round 3-story building which I think used to be a restaurant. It's owned and operated by two brothers in their 50's. their 80+ mother also works there. She told us that the elder son had a great high paying job but he quit ten years ago to follow his dream of running a guesthouse and taking guests surfing, biking, and hiking. She commented that its fortunate ghat they own the building since they dibt make much money running the place.

The sons are very sociable. The younger one cooks. To prepare, he put on a white chefs coat and it hid long hair up, samurai style. For the BBQ dinner he armed other guests with gloves and long tongs to keep turning the long thick slabs of meat over the big flames.

After dinner we moved inside to the second floor for makolli (rice wine) and snacks. As usual it was difficult for md to keep up in Korean. My wife and a couple other guests who spoke English helped me.

Another foreigner turned up, Yusef from Palestine. He lives in Japan with his Syrian wife and four children. He was in town for an Electrical Engineering conference sent by his company in Japan. We didn't get to talk long.

I fell asleep quickly at 11 but woke when 3 guys came in after midnight. After that I woke up a lot. Every time I did I saw one guy who didn't sleep, just sat and played with his laptop all night.

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