Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 18, Ponte de Lima, 13km

I was awakened several times during the night by violent thunderstorms blasting through. I was starting to take the rain personally. It seemed every drop that fell was trying to bite and claw its way through the roof and windows and tear me apart.

We were supposed to go into the house at 8 for breakfast. I was up and ready yo go at 7:20. The others had barely stirred. JH started barking orders at Gyueon, "get up. Put on your socks. No clean socks. Hurry. Watch what you're going. Do this! Do that!" driving him crazy although he didn't show it. I think he was afraid to show annoyance. I think his instincts, for a change, were correct. She snapped a pointless order to make the bed. I was as annoyed as Gyueon. "It's 7:45 you're nowhere near ready, breakfast is in 15 minutes, and you're concerned with a bed that doesn't need making?", I said (in my head).

Finally, at 7:45, she got up… to berate gyueon's poor bed making and to take over the operation. I didn't dare say anything. I have good instincts, and I wasn't even on her radar.

We made it at 8:15. Well, she did. I was there at 8:05. It's obvious that JH is feeling much worse but it's not a cold. Seems like good poisoning or something like it that leaves the sufferer able to be a jerk.

As we were packing, Jacinto was hanging laundry out to dry in the drizzling rain. This country is full of delusional optimists. It's never ever going to be sunny or dry. Never! I will buy you a dryer, just please stop acting like the sun shines. Yeah, I forgot about yesterday.

He gave us a ride to where we'd left off yesterday. He wished us "Bom caminho". I half expected "Merry Christmas".

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