Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 30 to Olveira, 33km

Yes, the title is correct. 33 km.

We walked in a thick fog most of the day. Every field we looked across had fog rolling on the edges. In the woods, it was difficult to see the next marker at times. The distances markers that I'd loved to hate/ hated to love do much during the last days to Santiago were not much help because most were missing the distance tag. Did they fall off? Did people take them as souvenirs? Without maps, visibility, and distance indicators, we were floating free in the world. It was liberating. It was relaxing. It was fascinating. It was everything the Camino Portuguese was not. I understood why most peregrinos finish with this.

For lunch I had a ridiculously big bacon and cheese sandwich. Almost too big. Almost too much bacon. Almost.

We had our first perfect day. In the rain.

1 rainbow #52
2 fog
3 bacon
4 too big for one picture
5 cows are happy because I ate bacon

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