Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 23, part 2

As we approached the albergue, we noticed some lights on. We have company!

We met Yena, a Korean woman who has been reading our guest logs at various albergues since Porto. She never expected to catch up to us but thanks to a day off and a couple short days, she has. She walked the Camino Frances (790 km), and, wanting more, immediately started the Camino Portuguese from Porto (320 km). Wow!

We met the second additional guest, Mark from Wales. He started from Faro, on the southern end of Portugal on January 1st, camping most of the way to Lisbon. Impressive.

We were immediately humbled by them.

We scrambled around to share heaters and went to dinner together. I think we'll be good friends. I don't think we'll see Mark again unless he slows down. Find Faro on a map. Now find Redondola. Could you walk that in less than a month?

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