Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 28, Santiago, day off

Lots of rain. I'm glad we didn't leave for Fisterra today but I feel for Yena and Mark, though I think Mark may actually like getting wet.

Three days ago, JH started getting mysterious bites that we confirmed as bed bugs. Yikes. I think we can never go home. We shouldn't be staying in a guesthouse either probably. She's definitely suffered the most on this trip and is eligible for the MVP (most valuable Peregrino) award. Neither Gyueon nor I have been affected. JH is very sensitive and bugs seem to live her. In the summer and fall, I rarely get bitten by mosquitos because they seem to prefer her.

So we closely examined everything washed everything in machines. Hopefully there will be no more nibblings.

We didn't do much sightseeing because of the rain and laziness.

We reorganized our stuff. For the finale, we are packing light. No extra 'town clothes' or shoes. Minimal equipment. JH will not carry a pack, just a shopping bag and an umbrella. My pack will be at 75% weight. Gyueon's, less than half. We have some long days to do and a lighter load will definitely help.

We're definitely going to Fisterra, to the lighthouse at the end of the world but were still undecided about Muxia and it's quiet beach. I'm excited about finishing and walking a quieter way.

The finish in Santiago was a bit anticlimactic. Hurry through city streets. Hurry up to mass, hurry up to get the certificate, hurry up to check in, hurry up for free dinner. No time to reflect upon the trip.

We have no maps for this route but we hear it's very well marked. There is also very little information other than a 4 sided printout of places to stay and eat. We are not worried. We have experience and confidence. Everything will be ok.

We start finishing tomorrow.

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