Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 24, Ponte Vedra

After checking in, the Korean Koalition went into town (1.3 km) to buy food for breakfast tomorrow and perhaps find a good place for dinner tonight.

The most stressful part of this trip has been finding a place to eat. JH has to know all of the possibilities, Gyueon is 13 and his tastes change minute-to-minute, whereas I just have 5 criteria: close, reasonably priced, not Chinese, not buffet, not fast food.

Many nights end up in mild disappointment after a long search. Part of the problem is that nobody takes charge. I think we'd do much better if we take turns choosing.

JH had the good idea of eating tapas tonight but none of the tapas restaurants served until 8. It was barely past 6 and we (me) were starved. Eight was too late.

Since I consider hunting for food a normal thing, our day was still good. In baseball terms, we just had to survive one more inning.

We asked ourselves why we were making this more difficult than it should be? Let's just eat next to where we had drinks? Mark said lunch there was alright. What could go wrong?

Mark was already there, drinking wine and waiting for his food that he'd ordered 10 minutes before. We joined him and ordered. The cafe guy repeated our orders back, incorrectly, and asked Mark if he was ready to order. Uh-oh.

The guy (I will not call him waiter or cook in order not to insult waiters and cooks) forgot and confirmed our orders several times. He served us the worst wine ever made. Then he spent whole minutes carefully wrapping our utensils in napkins. JH noticed that he was using a stool that a dodgy customer had just vacated as the prep area for the utensil wrapping. We unwrapped the gifts to find almost half were unwashed.

The perfect game is gone but we still have a no-hitter going.

He checked orders again. Some time passed. One order came. Some time passed. Another order came. Some time passed. Another order came. Some time passed. Another order came. Some time passed. The last order came.

My chicken was raw. I sent it back. Twice.

We lost the game in dramatic fashion. That's the way, isn't it?


1 a church
2 the worst cafe. Ever. Period.

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