Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 32, the end

We were supposed to be out of the albergue by 8. I don't think any of the 12 people there even stirred until 7:30. Most were gone within 20 minutes. Albergue guy hurried us out politely. Yena left early to go to the hospital for an undisclosed reason. I guess not took serious since she left under her own power. Mark treated us to a leisurely breakfast across the street.

It's hard to say good bye. I wish him well. I wonder if we'll ever meet again.

My hip began hurting me 4 nights ago but felt fine on the last walk into Santiago and the day off and the first two days to Fisterra. Yesterday though, it hurt on every step. I've never had pain there before. I hurt while I was sleeping last night and still hurts. I was limping for awhile. By afternoon it felt ok again. No idea.

Last night, I told JH that it hurt and I didn't think I could walk 31 to Muxia. I didn't really want to either. I think she really wanted to continue.

We finally got our long-awaited sunny day. In dazzling sunlight, we sauntered 3 km to the lighthouse, enjoying a seemingly endless view across the ocean.

We took our pictures at the 0.0 marker and put Gyueon's sleeping bag in the trash along with their worn out hiking sticks. We made our way down the lighthouse cliff until we were as close to the edge as we dared.

I pulled out Derek's shell, checked the wind, and whipped it sidearm to the water. It spun and floated perfectly to a gap in the rocks and dropped straight down into the crashing waves.

Bom caminho.


  1. Great Post!!! I like to go to Europe too~

  2. Great Blog, thanks! i'm doing it from Lisbon to Finisterre in August :D

    1. Fantastic blog, THANK YOU so much for sharing. I walked Tui to SdC in Holy Year 2004 and again in June this year. Really enjoyed you view of some of the same places. I hope you can return and see some of TUI but especially Pontevedra Old Town - beautuiful medieval buildings, squares, shops; a FANTASTIC market, and wonderful people.

      I wish you, and Mark if you're in touch, Many Rainbows