Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 2- Moscavide to Alverca, 19 km, part 3

The room was a bit cold but the bed was comfortable. She was very excited about stamping our Credentials, making a test run on a newspaper, then with a flourish of her wrist, grace I didn't think she was capable of, stamped all three in quick succession.

Somehow we understood her recommendation to go to the local grocery store for dinner. It has an excellent food court and once we figured out the system, got some good meals. It looked like date night with 6 couples at scattered tables, sharing food and wine.

We wandered around the aisles after dinner. Gyu eon liked the wheeled baskets with extendable handles. We were shocked at how cheap everything is compared to Korea. We bought chips for RIGHT NOW for Gyu eon, chocolate and oranges for tomorrow (just to make my pack heavier).

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