Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 4, new plan

We decided collectively that 30 km in one day is too much. It's physically demanding and doesn't leave any time for stopping to smell the roses. So, we scoured our guide books for intermediate accommodations to cut days longer than 24km short. For example, Stage 12 is Abergaria to Sao Joao, 29.2. Nope! Not anymore! It's now two stages: Albergaria to Oliveira, 19 km; and Oliveira to Sso Joao, 10 km. Ten km is a short but not as short as 29 is long.

Anyway, this added a few days to the trip, days we don't have so we decided to skip to Coimbra and reboot our walk from there. It's a shame to miss Tomar.

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