Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 5- Santarem, part 1

Dull weather, dull day. We didn't leave the room until 11. The shirts JH washed aren't dry at all. They feel wetter. The room is so damp and cold that everything feels wet.

We went to the mall for breakfast and wifi. I ate and left them there while I made the 40-minute round trip to get the laundry. On the way, I bumped into two Mormon missionaries. Nice guys, as all Mormon missionaries are. I won a bet, guessing that one of them was from Utah.

I tried hard not to dominate the conversation but I guess I miss talking to native English speakers. I was a bit sad when we parted ways.

Back at the mall, Gyu eon hadn't even changed from his smart phone slouch position. We sat around until 2:30 and I was dying to explore the city. Gyu eon said he wasn't feeling well and insisted on going back to his room and taking a nap. We left him there and took a mini tour of Santarem.

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