Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Mascots

We each have little stuffed ponies dangling off the backs of our packs to inspire us and remind us of Korea.

They are from Jeju Island, South Korea's largest island, and are the official mascot of Jeju Island's own long-distance walking trail, the Jeju Olle Trail. Originally that sentence mentioned 'Jeju' four times, but I thought that was too many and rewrote it to only mention 'Jeju' three times. Jeju.


Anyway, we bought Gyu eon's (green) three years ago. JH and I made the orange and silver respectively on a recent trip. By made, I mean stitched the decorative thread (poorly, in my case).

The ponies, or Ganse, as they are called represent a relaxed disposition, or laziness if you're feeling unkind, and are made by a group of volunteers with donated material to help fund the Olle Trail. I think they look cool.

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  1. They do look good. Much better than tacking a My Little Pony to your pack!