Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 4, part 3, Santarem

Disoriented, we floundered a bit until 3 elementary school kids led by a semi-shy boy asked if we needed help. I said, "yes" and one girl's courage disappeared and she ran away, hiding behind a sign. The boy was nervous but eager to help and gave us a series of lefts, rights, and straights to get us to the tourist office.

A block later, we spied them trailing us, trying to get our attention. "Sorry", the boy blurted out, "I said wrong way. Go that way." We thanked him and changed course.

We chatted with the tourist office guy a bit. He suggested that we stay in a chambre in an alley just across the way.

It was a building with an incomprehensible floor plan. At one end of our hall were a cluster of three odd-shaped rooms for 1 or 2 people sharing a full bath. In the middle if the hall was a big room for three, bathroom down the hall. The other end had a room for 2 with a shower and sink and a little room for 1. We took these after assuring the boss that we were married.

We asked about laundry and she told us about a place a few blocks away. Amazingly, we found if but it was a dry cleaners. Back at the turista, we asked and he said most places offer laundry service. We should have asked.

We discovered W Shopping Mall, a wonderful place with a food court and free wifi. We found a lavandaria around the corner that said they could wash our stuff. We didn't think to ask when it would be finished until we'd taken it all out. Friday.
But we don't know what time. We packed it up again and left. A customer recommended a place, giving what turned out to be perfect directions although we doubted every step. We walked and walked. Down a hill in the dark. It was a bit expensive so we just left half and decided to wash our shirts in the sink in our room.

Good. Dinner and wifi at the mall. Asleep in a cold and damp room by 10 PM. It seems that it's often warmer outside than in.

Photo- view from our balcony. It turns out that the restaurant across the alley is popular and highly recommended. We didn't eat there.

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