Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 3- Alverca to Azambuja, 30.8 km, part 2

After we had finished lunch, Gyu eon took an active interest in the map. We pointed to the next place marked, Carregado train station, 7.6 km away. I told him, "if we reach that in two hours, we will be right on schedule.

I didn't think we walked particularly fast through the industrial zone (and we lost 7 minutes looking for a turn) so I was surprised when we made it to a train station in just 80 minutes but maps don't lie. Gyu eon was happy. We all were happy and decided to take a break.

What a strange station. It was huge for one thing. Ridiculously huge, with high ceiling, extra wide stair cases and escalators. The over-sized formal entrance was facing away from the road, towards scraggly bushes on the other side of a chain link fence. At first we thought that there was no entrance.

We sat down inside for a snack. The bathrooms were locked so I went upstairs and crossed over to the main part 3 stories above the tracks. Those bathrooms were locked as well so I went all the way back and outside to pee. There was ample evidence of other victims of the locked bathrooms, I'll just leave it at that.

We continued on and 25 minutes reached a train station? Clearly signed as Carregado?!?

It was a crushing blow. Of course I should have known that we couldn't possibly have average 5.7 kph for 80 minutes. But what was that other station? Why didn't it have a sign? Why isn't it on the map?

Gyu eon lagged behind the rest of the day and Jeong hwa talked about taking a bus. I felt ok but we were dealing with overwhelming traffic now.

To be continued.

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