Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 9, part 2

We crossed over an ancient Roman Bridge. I imagined that the sounds of our walking sticks were the sound of the wooden wheels of carts.

Everything was going well today. It had been one of our easiest days. It was all just a set-up though.

The course split at Lameiro, old route and new route. Since we consider ourselves bad asses and bad asses always go old-school, we took the original route, ignoring the long insistent yellow arrow pointing up the hill.

We looped around the base of the hill, under a long and high bridge (I theorized out loud that the new course goes over it). Around another turn we saw a smaller bridge with two barricades clearly blocking the bridge. A yellow arrow pointed in the direction if the bridge. I took out my trusty Brierley guide book but it was no help. We took a break and wondered what to do. I climbed over both barricades-- maybe we can still walk it. Nope, about halfway across, the bridge ceases to be. Not even Gyueon would try to jump it (fortunately he wasn't out there with me). We had no choice but to turn back.

Just under the big bridge, a woman popped out from behind a high fence and pointed to a steep embankment. "Just climb up there", her gestures said. It was steep but it saved us a ten minute loop back.

On the bridge, we rejoined the trail, JH took pictures and I suddenly panicked about the guidebook. It wasn't in our bags. JH remembered leaving it on one if the road blocks (I think it was me but thanks, honey). I dropped my pack and ran full speed back across the bridge, leapt down the embankment, and sprinted to the barricades.

I saw a car. I saw a man walking around outside as if looking for someone, perhaps to return something precious he had found. I called out, "libro!" He smiled and handed it to me and said, "Bom Camino". I thanked him and sprinted away.

The car, which had to go the long away around barely beat me to my travel partners. He beeped a couple times, cheering me on.

The day was saved and I was the hero!


Lunch place




View from bridge if nice lady's house

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