Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 8, continued

After lunch, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear ahead. We took the rain covers off and JH put her sunglasses on. 15 minutes later, we scrambled to put the rain covers back on. Showers came and went. We saw a rainbow! Clearing the trees, we saw it was a full rainbow. No, a full doubled rainbow. One end was so bright, it appeared to be engulfing a distant house in rainbow flames.

We walked on. JH spotted abandoned building with a large awning and declared break time. We were barely under when a downpour struck. Great timing. We stayed until it passed.

Soon after, we met another perigrino walking the other way. He crossed the street to greet us. He'd walked from Fatima to Santiago and was now on his way back to Fatima. Having no common language, we couldn't talk but we shared some laughs and smiles. He mimed that his legs were tired and he had new boots. He looked happy. I envied his small pack and low tech equipment, garbage bag rain cover, umbrella. I guess he knows what he's doing by now.

We don't quite know yet. Every day we've had some fiasco or gone on some wild goose chase.


1 out of the rain
2 look at the sky! You would have taken off your rain covers too!
3 fellow pilgrim

4 full double rainbow all the way!

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