Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 8

We had the usual breakfast at the restaurant out front plus hot chocolate, and a prepackaged muffin. Two euros each.

The sun was breaking through the clouds and I announced, "it's gonna be a beautiful day." I don't think I need to tell you how it turned out. We had intermittent showers all day. For the first time, we used our rain covers and put on raincoats. 30 seconds later we passed a pond and I swear the ducks laughed at us.

At a sports ground, we watched a 7-on-7 soccer match for a few minutes, until the rain came harder. The kids didn't even notice the rain.

We passed through several villages, alternating in quality-- nice, run-down, nice… Adfeloas seems to be nothing but abandoned factories, all huge rambling fantastic stone buildings.

We did well for lunch. Following our instincts, we left the course to find Main Street. Bingo! A simple diner, and yet again, we beat the lunch rush. Within a minute of being served, 9 or 10 locals came in independently. It was a bit if a wait to pay but it was worth it.

While we waited, Gyu eon asked for .50 euro. At many places we'd seen a display of candy bars of various sizes, ranging from barely acceptable for trick or treating to could feed a family of four. JH asked about and the waitress pointed to a gimbal machine, motioned to put .50, open the ball that comes out and see what you win, an impressive feat of miming.

I gave Gyueon .50. He won! He was so happy and proudly held up his prize-- the smallest possible candy bar.

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